Why Choose A & K?

  1. Our owners are in the field actively managing and monitoring all work in process.
  2. We know landscape, plants, hardscape, irrigation and how they all are intertwined.  This allows you as a customer the confidence to know your landscape will seamlessly work together on one canvas with all the colors and complexity coming together as a beautiful living portrait.
  3. We provide solutions to your questions and landscape concerns.  We will consult, construction and maintain at the level of care you require.
  4. We are innovative by staying current with the latest in: irrigation controllers and water management techniques; LED lighting for both landscaping and holiday lights; and our maintenance crews use the latest and best equipment out there so we can deliver a timely and cost effective solution.
  5. Our employees are in company uniforms so you know who they are.
  6. Our trucks are clean and well maintained and show pride in ownership.  Your neighbor will not be asking, where did you find them.