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McKenzie River House

We did a complete remake of this McKenzie River House...

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Patio and Firepit

We have been creating beautiful hardscapes for many years ...

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Old Orchard

Proper landscape maintenance will breathe life into a property ...

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Water Feature Over Pool

Waterfalls are the perfect backdrop to any home or business...

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Belgard Patio

Light… it’s never more important than when it’s not there ...

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Christmas Lighting

A & K Landscaping will eliminate all the hassle for...

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A & K Landscaping is a full–service landscaping company serving the greater Eugene Oregon area. We have many years of experience in providing landscaping solutions for residential and commercial properties. Whatever your needs, we can envision your design ideas that will create an outdoor space that is uniquely you. We can transform your outdoor space into a relaxing sanctuary and a beautiful entertaining space that will exceed your expectations.

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  • Spring is finally here! And the time is right for several yard maintenance items.
    Spring is finally here! Things are starting to leaf out and bloom, and the time is right for several yard maintenance items Preemergent: one way to keep your garden/shrub beds from being completely overrun by weeds in the summer is to hit them with a preemptive strike. Properly applying the right preemergent will stop most weeds from germinating, meaning far less time spent pulling weeds later in the year. Moss Control: Winter rain keeps everything green in Western Oregon. However, it also keeps things pretty mossy. While the moss itself won’t kill your grass, it leads to unfavorable growing conditions that may result in the ultimate demise of your lawn. Fertilizer: Now is a good time to fertilize your lawn. Using a fertilizer higher in nitrogen is ideal as it stimulates more growth and aids in getting the grass out of dormancy What to Prune: Now is a good time to prune fruit trees […]

Landscape Contractor Eugene

Our designers and team of landscapers have over 30 years of combined experience in landscaping design and maintenance within the Eugene, Springfield and surrounding areas. We work closely with our clients in helping them to create a beautiful and lasting landscape that is sustainable within the Pacific Northwest climate. From conception to installation, while keeping your vision in mind, A & K Landscaping will always leave you with an outdoor area that will enhance an individual’s lifestyle.


Landscaping is more than plantings and lawn care; it is about creating that one of a kind space outside that is uniquely you. A & K Landscaping will involve you in the entire process to help build a complete outdoor living space with unique structures, outdoor kitchens, custom hardscapes, irrigation, lighting, plantings and water features. Share your vision and imagination with us and we will integrate these features into a living space that will increase your home or commercial properties value; while exceeding your expectations.

For a consultation to start bringing your dream alive, call us(541) 206-9039 or email us today.